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How does fulfilment work ?


Gateway and Partners shall operate fulfilment service to both the partner and buyer. We will ensure that the partner receives payment of goods sold and the buyer receives merchandise ordered and paid for. As the stock is traded on the global market, international protocols of documentation shall apply. In order to safeguard all parties, GP shall operate secure client account with a reputable bank whose wallet will be outside the day to day financial operations of the company. Settlement of partners’ proceeds as per agreed terms will be affected by reputable financial institutions in their currency of choice on due date. GP has contracted Probitas Fidelis Europe Ltd, Oxford Business Park, Oxford. ( Once a sale agreement has been sealed and settlement received with goods exchanged or in transit as per the agreed terms, GP will furnish Probitas Fidelis with full details of client including due date and currency of choice. One day prior to client settlement, Probitas Fidelis will notify GP for transfer of funds. GP will also honour any commissions due to agents within contractual terms of settlement.